Patio Enclosures

Tom’s Awning & Patio Enclosures Inc. provides exquisite designs for patio enclosures. These home additions give your home increased value and more enjoyable outdoor space. You can design it yourself or work with our consultant to design a new patio enclosure that is beautiful and practical. These spaces are great for providing a new space in which you can enjoy activities like family get-togethers, or simple outdoor relaxation.

Our team of home addition experts take careful measures to design the perfect home addition. Once the design meets your tastes we begin the building process and give you a perfect new addition form which you can enjoy the great outdoor space your home has to offer. Best of all, you can utilize these areas anytime of the year. For more information about our spectacular patio enclosures and other projects contact us today!

Tom’s awning & Patio Enclosures Inc. has a great range of service for your home and outdoor living areas.

We will be with you every step of the way in the design and creation of your sunroom or enclosed porch addition, and provide you with a range of awnings for your home. We know that each home is unique, which is why we spend a good deal of time ensuring that the enclosure we fit will perfectly match your home.

Whether you are seeking something modern or traditional, our options are the best available. Come and see us today for additional details.

Tom’s Awning & Patio Enclosures Inc. specializes in home addition construction and can create sunroom additions in any size and shape. We customize your addition to make sure that it is perfect for your home and desired use.

We’ll make sure that the new addition is done right and meets your need.

Tom’s Awning & Patio Enclosure can be a welcome addition to any home. More room and protection from the elements are a clear recipe for success! Enclosing existing decks has become our most popular project. We install and renovate all types of sunrooms, including:

Enjoy the outdoor sunshine, lighting and views, while being indoors, protected from the insects. Being out of the rain and away from flying insects allows you to use your patio enclosure any time.

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